Jénine Shepherd – Innovative Entrepreneurship Committed to Outreach & Development

Russell Green, Kingston Jénine Shepherd is a young Jamaican entrepreneur and undergraduate student. She is currently pursuing a degree in Neurological Science and Economics at Amherst College, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Having been very active in academic and extracurricular activities since her high school days at Campion College, Jénine has continued to excel holistically at the tertiary... Lire la Suite →

Patwa – The Creole Language of Jamaica

Russell Green - Kingston It’s the crayons Jamaicans use to colour their lives. It’s the essence of every dancehall song. It’s the sweet sound that reminds every Jamaican living abroad of home. It’s Jamaican Creole, commonly  referred to as Patwa (Patois). Patwa came into existence more than 300 years ago, on the plantations of Britain’s... Lire la Suite →

About Us

Caraibetude.com is a student initiative. Our objective is to create a student network between the French West Indies and the rest of the Caribbean, a network spanning 200 million people from Mexico alll the way to Guyana. Given that the French West Indies tends to lack visibility in its own region, the Caribbean, our aim... Lire la Suite →

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