Terri-Karelle Reid, the narrative of a Jamaican media personality

"Yes, I do see myself as a feminist. I think this word has been demonised over time but really, at the core, feminism is the belief in equal rights for women. This is important to me as a woman and I have a daughter. I’ve witnessed many changes and advancements, there has been a lot of progress in the fight for equality but I still think there is a long journey ahead. Until we start to view women as equals to men, and it is reflected in the way we write our policies, laws and govern, there is a need to fight for these rights."

Patwa – The Creole Language of Jamaica

Russell Green - Kingston It’s the crayons Jamaicans use to colour their lives. It’s the essence of every dancehall song. It’s the sweet sound that reminds every Jamaican living abroad of home. It’s Jamaican Creole, commonly  referred to as Patwa (Patois). Patwa came into existence more than 300 years ago, on the plantations of Britain’s... Lire la Suite →

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